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Essential Elements of Human Health - And How to Make Them Work For You

The Five Elements

The Key to Better Health


Decoding Diet


Essential Exercise


Get Some Sleep


It's All About Me-Time


Manage That Stress

Meet Dr. Sam

Integrative Physician

Dr. Sam was born in Sheffield England in 1961. His father was one of England’s first industrial physicians, and his mother was a human physical therapist who introduced sports physical therapy into the world of equine sports and dog racing. His formative years were spent on a small holding and eventually small farm where he learnt not only how to enjoy his own company but also the skills of farming. As so many “middle class” English he was sent away to boarding school, for him, as for others, a traumatic experience that shaped his entire life. 

Dr. Sam Slattery Grace Bay Medical The Body Cooperative

Want to be empowered to seize control of your health, take it back into your own hands.? “Enjoy the things you love without killing yourself any sooner than necessary.” Sound like a plan? Read this book! An entertaining, honest and compassionate doctor’s guide to how happy leads to health. 

“The way Sam synthesizes complex ideas, science and and information into something digestible for non-experts and experts alike makes this book a must read for those with, or working with functional health problems."

- Stephen King

Voice Care Centre, London

“Life experiences from birth to adulthood determine your current physical and mental health. Sam [Slattery] simply and engagingly explains why, and sets out how we can improve our health at any stage of our lives.”

- Prof Nishi Chaturvedi

Professor of Clinical Epidemiology UCL

“Sam Slattery is one of the few doctors in the world I trust and take advice from. I can't recommend him highly enough--and his book is the place to start if you are looking for good health."

- Tucker Max

4 x NY Times Bestselling author

“A remarkable one stop shop for those who want to improve their health. A refreshingly easy to read approach by a medical doctor who clearly understands how the body works and how to get the best out of it."

- Joanna B.

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